Typhoon Storm Våtdrakt 5mm - Herre

Typhoon Storm våtdrak i 5 4 3mm tykkelse for kalde dager i vannet. Denne drakten er meget godt egnet for bruk i all slags vannsport.

Varenr. Variant Lager Pris inkl. mva
250663-0013 Typhoon Storm Våtdrakt 5mm - S På lager: 8 1.290,-
250663-0016 Typhoon Storm Våtdrakt 5mm - M På lager: 10+ 1.290,-
250663-0019 Typhoon Storm Våtdrakt 5mm - L På lager: 10+ 1.290,-
250663-0020 Typhoon Storm Våtdrakt 5mm - XL På lager: 10 1.290,-
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Utilising high end materials and construction, the Storm offers fantastic levels of comfort and performance for all your watersport needs.


  • Body mapping technology ensure the most ergonomically shaped suit
  • Super soft composite smooth skin seal that helps to minimise rub
  • Extreme flex neoprene core with added durability
  • Durable knee pad protecting the suit from reef and board rub
  • Glued and double stitched, sealed seam system

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