Om Gumotex oppbåsbar kano og kajakk

Kanoene og kajakkene fra Gumotex er unike, både med henhold til kvalitet, funksjonalitet, vekt og sjøegenskaper. Du kan bære med deg båtene og frakte dem dit du vil uten problemer. Båtene er lette, kompakte og håndterbare, og de kan enkelt bæres inn på fjellet, fraktes med på bil, tog og buss eller tas med i…

NB! Teksten under er på engelsk.


GUMOTEX has been making boats in the Czech Republic for more than 60 years – all craft come with a 2 year warranty. All Kayak & Canoe Models are manufactured from the top quality materials – Nitrilon or / and Hevealon.

gumotex01.jpgNITRILON® Material composition: high-strength PES fabric with an outer synthetic rubber coating and internally a natural rubber blend coating.

This special material is highly resistant to abrasion, ageing and UV and remarkably strong with a tensile strength min. 3000/3000 N (sample 20 x 5 cm).

Abrasion resistance – is related to the coating on the underside of the boat. Gumotex craft have a rubber-coated surface on the bottom. Rubber tends to bounce back under stress. Most inflatable boats are coated with cheaper PVC and/or vinyl which tends to cut under stress. Gumotex kayaks are made of heavy weight materials that are lower stretch. This results in a stiffer boat.

Inflation Pressure / Stiffness – It takes between 5 and 10 minutes to inflate a Gumotex Kayak ready for the water. All models have 3 main air chambers – in addition some models have inflatable seats & accessories. Gumotex Inflatable’s are inflated to a much higher pressure compared to most inflatable kayaks, especially when compared to models that feature outer covers and internal bladders. Morepressure results in a stiffer more rigid like craft that is more able to retain its shape when laden, resulting in superior performance.

Faster Drying – You might like the notion of inflatable kayaks because they are easy to store, simple to travel with, and fast to setup. But when you are done paddling, it’s also really great to have a boat that’s quick to put away.

Gumotex Kayaks are the fastest on the market to break down, dry off, and pack up. Featuring large diameter valves that deflate the kayak in seconds when opened and the kayaks fold up rapidly. NITRILON rubber-coated boats can be simply wiped off with a towel to completely dry them in a couple of minutes. You don’t have to unpack Gumotex boats when you get home to finish drying them. This is not true of some inflatable kayaks brands which can take hours to dry. Most competing inflatable’s construction (Sevylor, ZPro etc.) use internal bladders with a zip-on cover. These “bladder boats” get water between the cover and the bladder that can take hours or days to dry. This can be a big deal if you want to avoid smells and biological science projects growing inside your kayak.

Durability – inferior bladder based boats air chambers tend to be manufactured from lightweight PVC – a material that is not very robust – hence the outer cover – these internal PVC bladders have seams that are heat welded, these seams are prone to damage and disintegration along the seam join that can result in costly bladder replacement. Gumotex craft are manufactured from materials more akin to heavy duty Zodiacs / Ribs etc – in fact Gumotex use the same type of materials to manufacture large white water inflatable