Sevylor Tahiti Kajakk - Tandem kano/kajakk

Tahiti har komfortable, oppblåsbare seter og praktiske sprutbeskyttende forhøyninger foran og bak. Kanoen blir med enkle grep gjort om til en ryggsekk. Dette gjør den utrolig enkel å ta med seg overalt!


inkl. mva På lager: 2 Varenummer: SR205515


Holdbar og god kano til rolige elver, innsjøer, vann og kystbruk. Denne båten er beregnet for to voksne personer.

Tahiti har komfortable, oppblåsbare seter og praktiske sprutbeskyttende forhøyninger foran og bak. Kanoen blir med enkle grep gjort om til en ryggsekk. Dette gjør den utrolig enkel å ta med seg overalt!



  • Tahiti er beregnet for to personer, men egner seg like fint for en person
  • Bæreevne: 180 kg.
  • 3 stk. luftkammer.
  • Lengde: 310 cm
  • Bredde: 84 cm
  • Størrelse nedpakket: 57 x 38 x 18 cm
  • Vekt: 10,1 kg.
  • Farge: Grønn
  • Luftpumpe og padleåre må kjøpes separat


«If you’re wanting to be able to go fishing on a whim or go and explore a lake at a low budget, go ahead and get yourself one of these floaters from Sevylor, they have been creating quality kayaks for years, which is why they regularly pop up in the top brands for this type of Yaks»



Sevylor Tahiti er utstyrt med to oppblåsbare og uttakbare seter, hvorav ett f.eks. kan tas ut for å gi bedre plass til en person. Kajakken har to hovedkammer i tillegg til et avstiverkammer for og akter. Kajakken pumpes opp på under fem minutter.


Sevylor Tahiti er en kjempefin kajakk for hele familien.
Sevylor ble startet i 1948 og er markedsledende innenfor oppblåsbare SUPs, kajakker, og mer. Over 60 års erfaring, sammen med den nyeste teknologien, gjør at Sevylor kan tilby produkter av høyeste kvalitet og som møter standarden hos kundene. Designet for å være enkelt og ta med og praktisk, alle produktene har en ting til felles - laget for å inspirere folk til å komme seg ut og nyte livet.


Topp for late, hyggelige og avslappende dager på vannet.


Sevylor har vært lenge i bransjen, og har siden 1948 produsert oppblåsbare båter med høy kvalitet til fritid- og rekreasjons bruk.


Rask og enkel å pakke sammen





BPS Backpack System - incredible portability

After deflating the kayak roll it into the spray deck. It will convert into a backpack and you can easily transport the kayak on your shoulders. Avoid the hassle of a tight fit carry bag and enjoy the incredible portability.


- Open the straps and roll the kayak up from the front of the spray deck


- Roll the black straps around the kayak . Pass the black straps into the black rings and tighten. Pass the grey straps into the black rings and adjust the shoulder straps as desired


- Comfortably carry the kayak as either a backpack or a carry bag






I have had the 2 man Tahiti for a few weeks and have used it on 2 short and one long 4 hour trips on rivers and open lakes. Admittedly it's not been windy but with the skeg in and fully inflated it handles really well. Luckily my wife is fairly petite which helps as it is a little small for two average sized adults.

It's pretty stable and very easy to launch and land. It's lightweight enough to carry to the water either rolled up or inflated. OK it's not the best inflatable on the market but for the price. It's 10 out of 10.



I've been paddling the Tahiti off and on for around 15 years and I just love this kayak! I've never babied it at all and it has always treated me much better than I have treated it.

If you're having trouble with a slow leak, Inland Marine sells a product that will fix them from the inside. Just pour it into the air chambers, then inflate and move the boat around to make sure the product gets to every part of the inside of the tubes. You'll get enough to treat all the air tubes in your kayak.



I've only been paddling for about a year,and as a novice who's only had a couple of lessons in hardshells I cant compare my k79hf (the green one) to much else, but me & my over-sized Collie love it! We paddle around the Norfolk Broads, take camping trips, etc.

The Tahiti is hard work upstream even in a mild current, mainly because the bow is a bit "blunt" so it doesn't cut the water. But in the stills or downstream it's fine. As everyone says, you need the skeg (unless you stick a couple of skegs on like I have).

At the end of the day, in my humble opinion you're not going to beat the Tahiti for smiles per buck, I got a superb deal on mine from sk camping... paid £79. The only thing I can really dis are the seats... they're shite. I paddle solo & wedge the seat back against the stern spray deck.that supports the backrest but the sit-on bit is too small even if you ain't a fat arse.

Trust me, if you're considering a Tahiti then look at the nearest competition, compare the prices, then order a skeg & buy a Tahiti!! Hope this helps & remember: have fun but be safe.



We have used the Tahiti as a barge for carrying our gear while back packing in Big Cypress Preserve Florida. Since we are wading in the summer and fall it is a great aid for overnight trips in the swamp. An added bonus is having a boat for fishing, photography etc. when we encounter really deep water. Love it.

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