Rudderkit For Native Slayer

Komplett ror til Native Slayer fiskekajakker


inkl. mva På lager: 2 Varenummer: ARUD007

The Native Slayer Rudder Kit allows you to gain control of your Slayer on windy days and helps to turn in tight spots. The rudder blade is attached to the stern of the boat, along with a cleat and bungee that secures it when it is not needed. Wires run from the blade to the Easy Foot braces which are used to control the rudder during paddling. This is the complete kit with instructions.

• Gain control of your Slayer in windy or turbulent conditions
• Anodized aluminum blade
• Includes all parts necessary to install a rudder on your Slayer Kayak
• Foot controls are adjustable for paddlers of different heights
• Includes instructions
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