WindPaddle Cleat Seilkit

For Kayak and Canoe sailing we offer a Sailing kit to free your hands. The sailing kit includes a set of "clam cleats" for securing your sheets (or sail control lines).


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For Kayak and Canoe sailing we offer a Sailing kit to free your hands. The sailing kit includes a set of "clam cleats" for securing your sheets (or sail control lines).


The kit includes:

  • 2 Cleats (with stainless fasteners)
  • 2 Sheets/control lines 7 ft. ea.

We've packaged it all up here for you. We include two 7' lengths of the same black nylon 1/8" line to be used as separate sheets to replace your existing 8' continuous sheet. (Be sure to tie a 2 or 3 foot long piece of heavy weight sewing thread to the two ends so you can keep track of both sheets at once.)



We've selected these cleats for their low profile and light weight properties. For you sailing types they are technically called "cheek-mounted clam cleats", which is a mouth full. These clam cleats (because they look like a partially open clam we suppose) are real beauties because they are lightweight and can be instantly released. With these cleats can fine tune your sail trim and free up your hands for paddling, bracing, taking photos, eating your lunch, etc..

Mount on either side of the cockpit back below your elbows with the clam "jaws" down (so the angle up to the top of the sail keeps the line cleated). These cleats come with two longer 7 ft. lines (called sheets) that replace the original 8 foot continuous control line. Tie a lightweight thread between the ends of the two lines so you can snag them both at once should they run free. This thread connection acts as a "breakable link" if the lines are across your lap and you need to exit in a hurry with the sheets cleated.

Clam cleats are a great type of attachment point for your steering lines (sheets), and are of course sold in pairs. Mounts with #8 stainless steel fasteners (supplied)

Low Profile Clam Cleat - Port and Starboard.


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